Ilham Mustafa

Bringing our teen to the youth center was a wonderful experience. Mixing fun infused by knowledge & field trips in a family oriented environment was the ultimate balance we were looking for.

Saeeda Alamin

The center has been a great experience for me. I loved all the activities that we do and I believe it benefits us a lot now and it will benefit everyone in the long run. There are so many things we can do in the center and I encourage everyone to join and visit the center. Without a doubt the center will be another home for you.

Haneen Elfaki

The Youth Foundation for Networking and Fellowship is a great organization that brings together the youth and creates a safe and interactive space for them to be themselves. All the events and activities that are held through YFNF, whether they are educational or relaxing, have a great turnout and are very fun. The members of YFNF are like my second family

Ayman Elhag

The center is a place where you can go to have fun and get educated. You get to be around people of the same culture as you and people who grew up in NOVA just like you so it’s easy to relate. It is a fun place to go to when you’re bored or when khaltoo has things planned. We don't always meet in the center though, we have been to the national harbor and we always try to make plans as a group together which are always fun things to participate in.

Mohamed Elhag

For me the center was a really laid back place where I could just go and have fun with people that I associate myself with and that have the same culture as me. The trip that we took to the National Harbor was really enjoyable because I have never been there and it was filled with fun activities to do.

Hassan ElHassan

Youth foundation has really been a place filled with fun, learning, and friendship for my daughters

Youth foundation is a great environment for learning about culture, values and family traditions. I would recommend Youth Foundation to anyone who wants their children to learn grow and have a wonderful cultural experience of a lifetime.

Imam Mohamed Hag Magid

In the name of Allah, most merciful, most compassionate. 

Establishing a center that caters for the needs of the youths in the Unites States is one of the most important projects that deserve our attention and support. Clearly, Iman Gariballa has capably undertaken this task.  I have attended the inauguration ceremony of the center and listened to the presentation of the center programs and work plans, which explained the objectives of the center.  These plans aim at shaping a multi-faceted  and balanced identity, which combines the values of religion and the peoples' culture land with the Sudanese heritage and interaction with the American society, and between taking pride in our past, understanding the requirements and challenges of the present time and planning for the future and the hopes it carries.  The youths in the United States need to have their issues recognized and heard with open hearts and minds without judging them or imposing on them a culture that they do not understand.  I was pleased with the center’s approach, which is based on dialogue and on encouraging the youths to manifest their potential and skills.  This will make them interested in participation and taking initiatives.

May Allah help those in charge of this center succeed in their endeavors.  I hope they get support and encouragement from each and every one of us. 

Haduula Kaleed

This is a center for youth development and leadership through the funniest of activities. Here we can voice our ideas and are encouraged to lead the charge in bringing these ideas to life with a little help from our peers. With all the fun activities and exercises, friendships are made and our connections to one another are strengthened. The leadership skills that I have learned have helped me when I moved out to university and in my work.

Sarya Ahmed

As a first generation American, one would feel that their resources are limited. This Youth Center changes that—it opens doors. It gives you a place to connect to other’s just like you from similar, if not, the same background, and it gives you the chance to be able to give back towards your community. Whether it’s something as small as having a conversation with someone else, or something as large as a discussion that fills up the room. It gives you the chance to work on your leadership skills, build up one’s self confidence, creating lifelong friendships. We’re not just members at the youth center, we’re a family, we are one.

Sarah Afifi

I would have to say my favorite thing about YFFNF is the welcoming environment. It's great to have a place like the Center to go to and be able to express yourself in many different forms! At the YFFNF Center you get to meet new people, learn new things, and overall grow as a person. It's a wonderful community and experience!

Bashar Amir

The center has taught me numerous values such as leadership and friendship. I had fun and meet new faces

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